We bring Artificial Intelligence and Energy together.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a game changer in the Energy sector and particularly in Energy management. AI is helping to develop more efficient and safe energy production and distribution techniques. At intelloTrade, we solve real world energy market problems using Artificial Intelligence. Our powerful analytical capability augments your thinking and market expertise.AI helps our clients to take decisions effectively in the ever-fluctuating energy trading sector. Our main market for operations in the Australian Electricity Market (NEM) catering to both wholesale and retail market needs. We are a team of professionals with deep expertise in Australian energy markets and Artificial Intelligence. We continually seek opportunities to aid market driven decisions, enhance human capability to forecast market movements, run scenarios, recommend trades and maximise portfolio valuation.

How intelloTrade is transforming the energy sector by AI?

AI involves a computer’s ability to adapt to a situation and create a unique solution that was not directly programmed, it takes the real time data and the puts the best possible solutions for our client. The energy industry has been leveraging the benefits of innovative world of AI to learn how to improve process efficiency, ensure cost effective energy management hassle free and to enhance the customer experience, among other business goals.

Why intelloTrade ?

The team has several years of experience in global energy markets.The ethos of the team is work collaboratively towards fulfilling the needs of the client.The solutions are powered by AI,which makes data drive the core of solutions. The team is highly focussed on customer experience for our clients.The intelloTrade approach is an integrated approach to client needs.

Our Vision

To make use of technology to transform the energy sector.We want to apply technology to serve our customers in an efficient way.

Our Mission

The mission of intelloTrade is to create energy management service company based the three pillars of the technology,experience and customer experience,while ensuring that the integration of the three is efficient and has a higher impact on the energy sector transformation.